DrupalCamp Montreal: Simplifying Drupal Development with Subversion

I just finished giving a presentation at DrupalCamp Montreal about using Subversion to manage Drupal development and deployment. I've attached the slides and code I mentioned during the seminar; video will be posted by the DCM DBN team soon.

To use the d.o-cvs import script, be sure to change the extension to .php, and make the file executable. You'll need to have the php CLI installed, which comes by default on OS X and can easily be installed with Linux. You'll also need svn_load_dirs.pl in your path. Be sure to take a look at some of the configuration in the top, and change as needed.

I'd like to thank 3Ring for their sponsorship of my attendance to DrupalCamp Montreal. Their support is greatly appreciated! If you're interested in building marketing campaigns for your Drupal website, be sure to check them out.

Update: The video is now available on blip.tv. I've only had a moment to quickly scan through it, but it looks like the video team did an excellent job!



I don't understand why u use your own script instead of using Drush? Also in your presentation I don't see anyreference to the drush module? I would like to recommend you to look at it because it enables you to do all of this (module download from cvs) and much much more!

Nice presentation though! Thx!

Good Job!

Hello Andrew,

Good job with your presentation.

I think the video team is DBN and not DCM.

@Nick_vh: The script that he propose does more than Drush. Drush does not add the downloaded module to a vendor branch for keeping track of changes across multiple websites easily. As Andrew mentioned in his presentation, using vendor branches will not be useful for people that only maintain one website. His script might not apply to you. It is true that Drush does other things that his script is not doing.

@Andrew: How about getting your code into a drush script? :)

Thanks for the comments! I've

Thanks for the comments!

I've updated the article to note DBN instead. Of course, the delay is actually with me as it turned out that my web server didn't have enough disk space to store the video, so I'll have to wait until I get back to Guelph to upload the screen capture.

I've actually thought about making this into a proper Drush script, but I'm waiting for full command aliasing support to hit. That way, you'll be able to override the built-in commands with a custom script, so running drush dl views would actually copy it from your vendors repository instead. And then, you could even make external tool configurations in Eclipse to have a GUI for installing and updating modules in your local copy.