Drupal 7: A Guided Tour

Last week I gave a presentation to the Waterloo Drupal Users Group about Drupal 7. During the presentation, I gave demonstrations of Seven and Bartik, along with some of the other admin UI improvements. I also presented brief overviews of features and APIs relevant to developers and designers. Click through to see the video, or download the high-resolution version from

DrupalCamp Toronto 2010: Drupal For Fun and Profit + Contributing to Drupal

Today at DrupalCamp Toronto, Khalid Baheyeldin of and myself gave a combined presentation introducing both the business aspects of Drupal and starting to contribute back to the Drupal community.

Here are the slides - at the end is the recipe for the Druplicon cookies. I'd love to see any further variations on it!

Waterloo Region DUG: Contributing to Drupal

One of the most difficult hurdles for new members of the Drupal community to overcome is making the jump from a "user" to a "contributor". Many associate "contributor" with core hackers, PHP gurus, and CSS wizards. In reality, any Drupal user or site builder can easily become a contributor, through support, advocacy, documentation, and so on. For more information, check out the attached slides, or see the Contribution page.

DrupalCamp Montreal: Simplifying Drupal Development with Subversion

I just finished giving a presentation at DrupalCamp Montreal about using Subversion to manage Drupal development and deployment. I've attached the slides and code I mentioned during the seminar; video will be posted by the DCM DBN team soon.

Waterloo Region DUG Meeting: Simplifying Drupal Development with Subversion

Yesterday I gave a presentation to the Waterloo Region Drupal User Group about the basics of using Subversion to manage a Drupal website. Most of the presentation applies to any use of Subversion, though I do touch on a few specifics relating to Drupal. If you're interested in learning about using version control to manage any website or project, this is a great place to start.

Waterloo Region Meetup: Painless JavaScript with jQuery

Tonight I gave the Waterloo Region User Group a presentation introducing jQuery and it's use within Drupal websites. Topics covered included:

  • What JavaScript is and isn't
  • How JavaScript empowers developers to transform web pages into web applications
  • Why many developers have avoided JavaScript in the past, and how jQuery addresses those issues
  • JavaScript developer tools
  • Introduction and live demos using jQuery

Waterloo Region December Meeting: Drupal Hosting

Tonight I gave a presentation to the Waterloo Region User Group about choosing a host for a Drupal based site. We talked about the essential requirements on top of the Drupal requirements, types of hosting, and our experiences with various hosts. I think the results of the discussion can be summed up as "you get what you pay for"! I've attached the presentation slides for anyone interested.

The essential features I noted as being important include:

Research Seminar Presentation: Increasing Awareness of Privacy Policies through Graphical Representation

Here is a copy of my presentation from my research seminar. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

CISters: Computer Science, The Digital Future

Here are the slides being presented on Monday, December 1st. They provide an overview of the prospects for computer scientists today and in the future. For more information, contact CISters or the CIS department at the University of Guelph.

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