Graphical Representation of Online Privacy Risks Within Trusted Contexts

I finished my Masters degree at the University of Guelph over a year ago, but somehow it slipped my mind to get the final thesis document posted online.


Import Your Drupalcon Chicago Schedule to your Calendar

One of the new features of the Drupalcon Chicago website is the "My Schedule" feature. You can add and remove sessions to your schedule, and view a list of all of the sessions you want to attend in one place. Unfortunately, the schedule isn't available in the iCal format used by Google Calendar, iPhones, and other calendar systems.

I guess this means it's a good excuse to write a Drupal 7 module (and use the new Git sandbox) to do the conversion automatically!

Drupal 7: A Guided Tour

Last week I gave a presentation to the Waterloo Drupal Users Group about Drupal 7. During the presentation, I gave demonstrations of Seven and Bartik, along with some of the other admin UI improvements. I also presented brief overviews of features and APIs relevant to developers and designers. Click through to see the video, or download the high-resolution version from

DrupalCamp Toronto 2010: Drupal For Fun and Profit + Contributing to Drupal

Today at DrupalCamp Toronto, Khalid Baheyeldin of and myself gave a combined presentation introducing both the business aspects of Drupal and starting to contribute back to the Drupal community.

Here are the slides - at the end is the recipe for the Druplicon cookies. I'd love to see any further variations on it!

Video: Instant Syndicating Standards

August's presentations to the Waterloo Region Drupal Users Group included a remote presentation from Brazil by Nick Vidal about Instant Syndicating Standards. ISS is an open standard allowing the dissemination of information through decentralized social networks. The reference implementation is being developed with Drupal 7.

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