Drupal as a FileMaker replacement?

I had an interesting thought: FileMaker is often used as a simple way to create forms for different types of data and methods to display all of the records. I wonder if a custom distribution of Drupal could be built to cater to this audience, by providing a local all-in-one install of Drupal, preconfigured with CCK, Views, or perhaps Simple Views. The biggest challenge would be to deal with custom presentations (FileMaker makes it pretty simple to do both layout and style, whereas with Drupal you have to do custom theming). I think being able to sell it as a package easily able to be moved to a multi-user networked system would be pretty effective.


I built a Drupal module to interact with FIleMaker

While not exactly a replacement for the FileMaker platform, I have built a Drupal module that lets you replace the FileMaker _client_ with a Drupal client for most data entry work.

Here is an early version in action:

You can download the FileMaker module at: