KDE 3's Mobile Support

Yet another unpublished entry from my evaluation of the MiniNote; perhaps I should find a way to set up an action / trigger combo to alert me about old unpublished content.

A few things which KDE 3 gets right:

  • System tray is populated with WiFi and Bluetooth applets.
  • The battery applet is the best designed so far, showing useful information like the current CPU speed.
  • The default theme looks good!

Between XFCE, KDE 3, and KDE 4, KDE 3 easily has the best initial desktop setup. KDE 4 should get there too, though the fact that KDE 4 is up to 4.1 with so many issues bothers me. When KDE 3.0 came out, it was perfectly usable, and 3.1 focused on improving performance and memory usage. 4.1 is still missing basic things, like bluetooth support, and contains many graphical issues.