Announcing the Dropbox Integration Module for Drupal

I've always wished that transferring files would be as easy as using Imageshack or Pastebin. There are many times when email just doesn't work; between content filters and email attachment size limits, attachments often don't get through. Instant messaging is hit and miss. After falling in love with Dropbox, I decided that integration with Drupal would solve most of my problems. A weekend of coding later, and poof!

This module allows each user on a Drupal website to have a "Send file" form for recieving files. Each user has control over permissions for receiving files, while site administrators can enact global policies if needed. Extra care is taken to ensure that a user's private Host ID (used to connect to Dropbox) is never transmitted insecurely. Eventually, I'd like to see this module turn into a full interface for Dropbox files, either through embedded media field or other similar projects.

Special thanks goes to Jaka Jančar for initially writing a PHP interface to Dropbox, and agreeing to license it under the MIT license so it could be used with the Drupal module.


Is their going to be drupal

Is their going to be drupal 5.x support?

I don't have any plans to

I don't have any plans to port to Drupal 5. However, I'd be glad to accept patches to make that happen.


Well done, Andrew! Dropbox is pretty awesome.

Nice work!

This is really, really cool!
I love Drupal, I love Dropbox!
Keep on the amazing work!

PS: Nice screencast too ;) (I'm always having problems when I want to do one on Linux.. ;( )

gtk-recordmydesktop works well

Thanks for the feedback!

I actually use OS X as my normal OS, but I couldn't find any good free software to do the screencast with. I used recordMyDesktop and it worked really well. The only issue with it is that by default it records to the Ogg Theora format, which isn't accepted on most sites for uploading. So, I used ffmpeg to both convert the video to h264 and join the two sections together.

I also tried using Cinelerra to do the joining and conversion, but I had issues with it crashing, even when I converted the video to MJPEG. I think if I wanted to do further editing of the screencast I'd need to convert to MPEG2 or some other format supported by iMovie and do the editing there.

I left you a comment on your

I left you a comment on your Vimeo page, but I also wanted to show my appreciate here too.

Awesome work! I think I will be implementing this on a community site.


Anyone who wants to try

Anyone who wants to try dropbox and wishes to help me expand my GB of space on there (they give you 250MB for every person you successfully refer), just click on this link:

Drupal 7?

Any plans to create a version for the newest Drupal install??? I just discovered this amazing CMS, but can't install your cool module because it is only available to Drupal 6x installs...

Nothing finished yet, though

Nothing finished yet, though there is a branch in development. Contributions are welcome!

other features

Is it possible to use this module to send documents that are allready on the website to a dropbox?
I have a list of documents on my website and want my users to be able to klik on a link that sends it to their dropbox