HP iPAQ as a Mobile Voice Recorder

One of the unexpected features I've found in the HP iPAQ hx2790c is that it has a dedicated button for voice recordings. Given the issues with using the device with one hand, being able to record quick notes by holding a button should be very useful. Unfortunately, the hardware uses a button which is very difficult to press, and the software expects the button to be "push to record", and not a toggle. While recording notes over a 15 minute period, at least a third of my notes were cut short as the button became unpressed.

I ended up changing the default setting to not bring Notes to the front when recording. Otherwise, it was difficult to make a note about an open document or web page.

One final UI issue: A useful feature in the Notes application is that recordings can be sent via Bluetooth, email, or IR to others. When you select multiple recordings, only "IR" is available. It would be really handy to be able to send a whole group of recordings at once to a device. As is, I have to connect from the other end and pull the files in.