Mobile IE: A supported, up to date browser worse than Internet Explorer 6?

I was going to write up an article about the significant issues browsing in IE on Windows Mobile 5. Before I could write it though, Ars Technica beat me to it. The article is completely correct; Pocket Internet Explorer is pretty much worthless. I've only found one good feature: when you download a program's setup CAB file, it offers to open it to install automatically. Opera 9.5 has a bug where you can't double click downloaded files to open them. The other thing to note is that some websites, noticeably Google's, detect Pocket IE and send specific content to them. It's much harder to download Windows Mobile apps from Google via Opera, simply because it is detected as a full-fledged desktop browser!

I hope the rumors are false, and that the next version of Pocket IE is based on the version 8 rendering engine, and not IE6. Anything less would be unacceptable, and will probably knock Windows Mobile out of the market over the next two years as mobile browsing becomes a required feature for most users.