Video: Introduction to Git

On Thursday, July 15th, Chris Frey gave the Waterloo Region Drupal Users Group a presentation about the Git version control system. I've uploaded a video of the presentation to To get the slides and scripts, you can use Git:

$ git clone intro_to_git

A Big Thank-You to the Drupalcon SF Sponsors


I think I'm finally recovered from my week at Drupalcon SF. This conference was one of the best I've ever attended, and connecting and re-connecting with contributors from around the world was rejuvenating. I'm very grateful for the scholarship I recieved from the Drupal Association, and wanted to thank some of the people who helped make that happen.

Waterloo Region DUG: Contributing to Drupal

One of the most difficult hurdles for new members of the Drupal community to overcome is making the jump from a "user" to a "contributor". Many associate "contributor" with core hackers, PHP gurus, and CSS wizards. In reality, any Drupal user or site builder can easily become a contributor, through support, advocacy, documentation, and so on. For more information, check out the attached slides, or see the Contribution page.

Drupal Cookies!


I received a most excellent Christmas present from a friend of mine:

Druplicon cookies (looks like she saw my Drupalcamp Montreal shirt!)Druplicon cookies (looks like she saw my Drupalcamp Montreal shirt!)

And though she didn't know it, the other cookies matched the theme perfectly:

Kitten cookies (taste extra good when you hack core)Kitten cookies (taste extra good when you hack core)

Using a Novatel U760 on Snow Lepoard (with automatic ejecting)

One of the most useful new features in Snow Leopard is built-in support for many common WWAN USB devices used to connect to the internet over a 3G connection. This means that instead of having to use a special application (such as "Mobile Connect" when connecting with Bell), you can just use the new menu applet instead. I'm using a Novatel U760 adapter, and here are the steps I used to make its use seamless under 10.6.

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