Import Your Drupalcon Chicago Schedule to your Calendar

One of the new features of the Drupalcon Chicago website is the "My Schedule" feature. You can add and remove sessions to your schedule, and view a list of all of the sessions you want to attend in one place. Unfortunately, the schedule isn't available in the iCal format used by Google Calendar, iPhones, and other calendar systems.

I guess this means it's a good excuse to write a Drupal 7 module (and use the new Git sandbox) to do the conversion automatically!

Drupalcon Security Followup: Automatically use SSL logins on drupal.org

Today at the Advanced Security Drupalcon talk it was mentioned that drupal.org supports SSL access. Using user JavaScript, it becomes possible to modify the drupal.org login fields to use SSL. Here are the steps you need to ensure that logging in will use SSL automatically.

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